KS Schoolwear is our chosen partner. Items can be purchased on their website www.kbschoolwear.co.uk

School sweatshirts £10.50

book bags £5.50

PE bags £4.50

All other uniform is available in shops and supermarkets locally.

In Year 6, when they have achieved their ‘3 star’, pupils are awarded a different sweatshirt to wear.


Raspberry sweatshirt

White polo shirt

Black trousers, black skirt or black pinafore dress.

Black, grey or white socks or tights.

Black shoes (Not trainers or slip on shoes)



(Between Easter holiday and Summer holiday only)

As above with the addition of:

Raspberry gingham dress

Black shorts

PE Unform

Children must have a change of clothing and footwear for PE and games

Plain black Sweatshirts/jumper

Black shorts

Plain black jogging bottoms

White t-Shirt

Black trainers or plimsolls

Black PE bag with school logo.

All PE uniform is to be plain. No sports clothing.

Personal Possessions

Unfortunately small personal possessions do get lost or mislaid at school and it is best not to send your child with such things. Badges and jewellery should not be worn, the only exceptions being the official badges we issue and studs for pierced ears. A watch is acceptable.

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