School sweatshirts (£10.50), book bags(£5.50), PE bags (£4.50), are available to order from www.kbschoolwear.co.uk/ All other uniform is available in shops and supermarkets locally. The children are very proud of their raspberry sweatshirts which they chose themselves. In Year 6, when they have achieved their ‘3 star’, pupils are awarded a different sweatshirt to wear.

Summer Uniform

Girls: Raspberry gingham check dress or Black skirt/trousers and white polo shirt or blouse Black shoes or flat sandals

Boys: Black shorts or trousers White polo shirt or ordinary shirt Black shoes

Winter Uniform

Girls: Black skirt or trousers Raspberry school sweatshirt White blouse or polo

Boys: Black trousers Raspberry school sweatshirt White or grey shirt or a white polo Black shoes

PE and Games

Children must have a change of clothing and footwear for PE and games

Indoor PE

White top and black shorts Black canvas slip-on plimsolls “Team” football shirts for indoor use are strongly discouraged

Outdoor PE

Sweatshirts or trainer- type top

Change of footwear essential

Personal Possessions

Unfortunately small personal possessions do get lost or mislaid at school and it is best not to send your child with such things. Badges and jewellery should not be worn, the only exceptions being the official badges we issue and studs for pierced ears.

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