Staff at School

All the staff at Heron Park Primary Academy are happy to help – please feel free to contact us at any time.  We have a distributed leadership model, and many of our staff lead within an additional area of expertise, or curriculum subject.


Headteacher Mr. R. Ali
Office Staff
School Business Manager Mrs. I. Skelley
PA to the HT & School Secretary Mrs. E. Sirah
School Administrator Mrs. Y. Streeter
Senior Leadership Team
Deputy Headteacher, Key Stage 2 Phase Leader & Designated Child Protection Teacher Mrs. A. Wilson
Key Stage 1 Phase Leader Miss. N. Bailey
SENCo Mrs. S. Coppard
Nurture & Welfare
Student Support Officer Mrs. D. Robinson
Nurture and Behaviour Specialist Mrs. N. Smith
Academic Leadership Team
Interim Key Stage 1 Maths Lead Miss J. Proudlove
Key Stage 2 Maths Lead, & Y5 Teacher Mrs. S. Titherly
Key Stage 1 English Lead, & Y2 Teacher Miss N. Bailey
Key Stage 2 English Lead, & Y4 Teacher Mrs. K. Walker
Interim e-learning lead (Maths and English) Mr. T. Cook
Specialist Teachers & Coaches
Sports Coach Mr. M. Griffiths
Specialist French Teacher Miss. C. Phung
Director of Music Mrs. A. Dalton
Maths Intervention Teachers Mrs. E. Rendle & Mrs. J. Down
Subject Leadership
Key Stage 1 & 2 Science Lead Mrs. R. Simmonds
Key Stage 1 Paragon Lead Mrs. M. Smith-Nicholls
Key Stage 2 Paragon Lead Mrs. K. Walker
Key Stage 1 & 2 PSHE Lead Mrs. S. Titherly
Key Stage 1 & 2 ICT Lead Mr. T. Cook
Key Stage 1 & 2 Music Lead Miss J. Proudlove
Key Stage 1 & 2 Art Lead Miss K. Peacock
Key Stage 1 & 2 Outdoor Education Mrs. A. Pengelly
Key Stage 1 & 2 RE Lead Mrs. M. Noble
Class Teachers
Reception: Victoria Falls Mrs. M. Smith-Nicholls
Reception: Seven Sisters Mr. M. Kenney
Year 1: Pyramids Miss J. Proudlove
Year 1: Loch Ness Miss K. Peacock & Mrs. Blair
Year 2: Giants Causeway Mr. R. Simmonds
Year 2: Niagara Falls Miss N. Bailey
Year 3:The Alps Mr. I. Sanidad
Year 3: Eiffel Tower Miss. M. Noble & Mrs. S. Coppard
Year 4: Uluru Mrs. K. Walker
Year 4: Shark Bay Miss. A. Russell
Year 5: Leaning Tower of Pisa Mrs. S. Titherly
Year 5: Stonehenge Mr. T. Cooke
Year 6: The Victory Mrs. A. Pengelly
Year 6: Trafalgar Square Mr N. Bond
Support, and Intervention Staff
TA with Cover Responsibilities Mrs. S. Izzard
TA with Cover Responsibilities Mrs. V. Garbo
Teaching Assistants Mrs. D. Bleach, Mrs. T. Ferizi, Mrs. A. Jones,  Mrs. J. Venn, Mrs. K. Brook, Mrs. N. Nolan, Mrs. W. Phillips, Miss J Parnell, Mrs K. Coleman, Mrs R Delapp
Mrs. S. Moss,  Mrs. T. Grinstead,  Miss. J. Reid, Mrs. A. Mead, Miss. A. Streeter
Mid-day Supervisor Mrs S Houri, Mrs N Message
Site Staff
Site Manager Mr. J. Platt
Assistant Site Manager Mrs. J. Denney
Cleaning staff Mrs. P. Bailey, Mrs. A. Alsop, Mrs. A. Etheridge-Eels,  Mrs. L. Rockett


Heron Park Primary Academy is a state-funded, community primary school serving its local residents. It is accessible to all families, and will remain part of the local family of schools.

The legal responsibility for all matters relating to this academy resides with the AAT Board, a body comprised of local representatives as well as Mosaica Education executive personnel.

The academy has its own Local Advisory Board and the Boards includes representatives from the Academy’s parents and carers, staff, local council and local community members.

Our current LAB members are as follows:

Ex Offcio

Mr. J. Greenwood

Mr. R. Ali


Mrs. T. Grinstead

Co-opted community

Mrs. K. Rolfe (Chair)


Mr. S. Wheelwright

Mrs. I. Ewen

Mrs. F. Dean

Miss L. Collins


Mr. P. King

Rev. M. Blanch