PE, Clubs and Enrichment

PE Clubs and Enrichment

At Heron Park, we offer access to wide range of enrichment activities during school, in the evenings, weekends and during holidays.

Physical Education (PE)

This year we receive £9,430 funding from the Government to provide a rich and varied PE programme.

PE is delivered by a combination of expert coaching sessions delivered by Sportitude and also by class teachers.  This builds on the normal level of provision that you would find in many schools across the country by providing students with an expert in different sports who is able to promote mastery beyond mere physical and skills development.  This provision not only accelerates the pace of progress and development, but motivates students to challenge themselves in a number of sporting activities.  Sportitude also operates their own rewards and awards programme where they gain points, awards, medals, trophies and prizes including a special achievement visit to the David Lloyd Centre.

Click here to find out more about Heron Park’s PE programme delivered by Sportitude.