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World Book Day

On Thursday 1st March is dress up day for World Book Day. The theme this year is Maths. Ideas include : 101 Dalmatians 6 Dinner Sid (cat with 6 dinners) 10 green bottles Ruler A number with a picture A ladybird with spots A playing card 5 Sausages in a pan A dice Very hungry […]

Menu change for Friday 9th February

Sama Karate demonstration

On Monday Year 3 enjoyed a visit from Sama Karate, a local group that runs after school each week at Heron Park. The children joined in the demonstartion with lots of enthusiasum!  

Introducing our newly appointed head boy & girl!


Events of the last few weeks

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families affected by the horrific terror attacks in London over the weekend. We will be holding a special assembly today to talk to children about keeping calm, and addressing any concerns and questions that the children may have. In light of recent events, we will be reviewing our […]


To all Year 6 children taking part in your SATS this week, we’d like to wish you all the best. Don’t forget you’re all amazing!

Mrs Houri returns from China!

Mrs Houri our resident MDSA has completed a trek along The Great Wall of China! She spent 6 days trekking alongside unrestored wall through bush land and mountains and on restored wall.  Mrs Houri’s 25 strong group started trekking at 8am every morning with the longest day being 9 hours. The treks were on 4 different parts […]

Fun Favourites Day! 19th January


Prefects 2016-2017

    On Friday the first of this Year’s Prefects were named! To receive their Prefect jumper, the children had to complete a series of tasks including completing all their homework, holding a charity event, never being late to school and not receiving a red card. 

Paragon Event October 2016

Parents enjoyed performances from each year group on Wednesday 19th October. The children worked very hard to learn a story of by heart.