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Football Fun at Heron Park!

This week has been jam packed with football matches for different year groups across the school. The matches were against many local schools, with lots of wins and a few losses it was an exciting week!

Girls Football Team

The girls played their first match of the session yesterday against Ocklynge School. The new kits looked great and the girls won 1-0!

Sama Karate demonstration

On Monday Year 3 enjoyed a visit from Sama Karate, a local group that runs after school each week at Heron Park. The children joined in the demonstartion with lots of enthusiasum!  

Staff Pantomime 2017

The staff performed a twist on Dick Wittington for the children on the last day of term. It was great fun to watch and the children loved it!  

3RS Cinema & Harbour trip

3RS enjoyed a wonderful day out to the cinema and a walk around the harbour with a talk at the lifeboat centre! Mr Ali gave a talk about pontoons and locks as well.    

Girls work wonders at football tournament!

The girls Football team held their own against Ocklynge School on Saturday with a fast and furious match that ended in a draw! Well done girls! 

Nature Walk with Year 1

Mr Bray’s class took a walk this week around the school grounds, having a look at what nature lives in and around the school grounds.

STEM Activity days

On Thursday and Friday KS2 enjoyed fun days filled with experiments and tomatoes! In one experiment the children had to figure out how to get the tomatoes down the slope without them breaking. They also had to make a boat that could float even when huge amounts of weight were placed on it. The children really […]

Safety in Action 2017

Year 6 visited Devonshire Park and took part in this year’s Safety in Action event. They learnt how to stay safe around fire, water, electricity, strangers and hazards. Each team was awarded points out of 20 for each section with Heron park children scoring 20 in many of the challenges!