Urgent – School Closure


Dear parent/carer,

Due to burst heating pipes in the main building, I have taken the decision to close the School on Monday 7th January 2019. This will affect years Reception to 6.

The Nursery will remain open as normal, as they have a separate heating system.

We have worked tirelessly over the last 3 days to rectify the burst pipe only to have a second pipe burst when the heating was refilled. We have plumbers working closely with site staff to ready the school for pupils to return, but are being warned that further breaks could occur when the system needs to be pressurised.

I have made the decision to close now in order to give parents as much notice as possible. We will welcome children back as soon as we have a building that is warm enough and safe for learning to take place.

Please look out for updates via our texting service, on our Facebook page and on Twitter.

Please pass on to any parents who may have changed phone numbers over the Christmas period.

Helen Emmett
Head Teacher