Mrs Houri returns from China!

Mrs Houri our resident MDSA has completed a trek along The Great Wall of China!

She spent 6 days trekking alongside unrestored wall through bush land and mountains and on restored wall. 

Mrs Houri’s 25 strong group started trekking at 8am every morning with the longest day being 9 hours.

The treks were on 4 different parts of the wall, The Hungyaguan, The Jishangling, The Mutianyu and Old Badaling.

They had a packed lunch with them which they ate half way through the day and as there were no toilets, well you can guess what they had to do!

They trekked a total of 90 km, 117,516 steps taken, 1370 flights of stairs climbed. 

On their free day they visited a silk factory, Tiannemen square and the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven Park.