Message from Mr Griffiths of Sportitude!

Dear All,

As we rapidly approach the end of the school year, this will be the final Sportitude Heron Park blog of 2016-2017. And what a year it has been.

Last week, after a huge effort from all staff and children, Heron Park received its accreditation as a School Games Gold Award winner. The award acknowledges that we meet all criteria set out by the government to offer competitive sports and PE, offering opportunities to all.

The award does not consider success at area sports events and interschool matches, it is not about “medal and trophy hunting”. Instead schools/academies are judged on things like how many children are attending sports clubs, how many area events we entered, whether we train our older pupils to be “young leaders”, work with outside agencies and how we promote sporting opportunities within the community. These are merely a few examples of the criteria we had to meet.

Despite interschool success not being a consideration for the award, it is something that we all want to achieve. When Heron Park began entering local area events, we were the school finishing 12th of 15, 9th of 10 etc. This year we have seen a tremendous improvement in results. We have secured several top 3 finishes and we have finished in the top half in all competitions that we entered. No other local school or academy has sent more teams to events than Heron Park this year.

Amongst the highlights of are interschool efforts this year were the boys Y6 Football team being narrowly beaten in the Cup semi-final, our Y3/4 Hockey team finishing runners-up at the tournament we hosted and the Girls Y6 Cricket team travelling all the way to Hastings and finishing a very close second in a very competitive event.

The standard at this area events is extremely high and it is important that the children realise how much they have to improve. Most of the time, being the best player on the playground or being in the winning team in a PE lesson, does not mean you’ll be good enough to be competitive at area sports. The few Y5 children that represented Heron Park at Area events this year, now know how hard they will need to work next year to get up to the required standard.

The problem is that it’s easier to get from 10th to 3rd than it is to get from 3rd to 1st. We will be looking to get the team training clubs up and running again in September. I implore all enthusiastic and promising sporting pupils to attend these clubs in order that we make the leap from good to great. We will be continuing our policy of selecting our teams from those children who attend the training club for that sport.

Finally, I would like to wish our Y6 pupils the best of luck at their secondary schools. I look forward to hearing that most of you have joined sports clubs and teams, and about the success you will, no doubt, enjoy as a result of the solid foundations Sportitude and Heron Park have provided for you.

Best Wishes


BREAKING NEWS!!  Heron Park is now officially a School Games GOLD school.
We are all extremely proud of this stunning achievement, only a handful of schools/academies in each county reach this milestone each year, and we are one of them.
The award recognises our efforts to provide a wide ranging, high quality sports program that is inclusive and gives opportunities to all.

A massive congratulations to all staff and pupils!
Heron Park has just been recognised by The School Games Awards as a SILVER STANDARD PRIMARY SPORTS PROVIDER!
The award recognises our commitment to an inclusive and stimulating sports program, it puts Heron Park in the top 10 sporting Primary Schools/ Academies in the whole South Downs region!