Micro Tyco!

The Challenge
 On the first of the month, each team from Years 5 & 6 receives £1 seed capital from WildHearts and is challenged to grow it into as much money as possible in four weeks. The short time-scale of Micro-Tyco inspires an entrepreneurial environment that unleashes participant’s hidden talents, whilst at the same time fostering creative thinking, resourcefulness and team work as well as developing financial literacy, communication, leadership, project management and networking skills. During the challenge teams receive world class business training via video from the Micro-Tyco Mentors, including Sir Tom Hunter and Lord Digby Jones. They can also interact with the other teams from schools and businesses via the Micro-Tyco social network.

At the end of the four weeks all the money created by the pupils is invested by WildHearts in microfinance in the developing world, helping thousands of people to set up small businesses to work their way out poverty. Participants ‘become Entrepreneurs to fund Entrepreneurs’. After the challenge participants receive monthly case studies, photos and videos from the people they have helped.  Not only does Micro-Tyco help pupils to become more informed Global Citizens, it demonstrates how business can be a force for good in the world. By associating business excellence with economic justice, Micro-Tyco aims to inspire the Leaders Our World Deserves.

Micro Tyco