HEAD OF SCHOOL MESSAGE – 13th February 2015

This week has been absolutely fantastic, and a real showcase of what makes Heron Park a great place for children to learn and succeed.  The Paragon event was a resounding success, and the children improve on their performances from one event to another.  We do realise that, due to the popularity of the event and your increasing support, it is getting crowded, so we are considering hosting separate KS1 and KS2 performances.  Nothing has been decided, so your views and comments as always would be appreciated.   We also realise that the performances over-ran slightly, and will review timings, but it was a real pleasure to see all the performances.
We had a very special assembly this morning, and presented our prefects with their new jumpers, certificates and codes of conduct.  It is a great thing for a child to be able to say, when they go to high school, that they have been a prefect, and have shown that they can be responsible and support the leadership of the school.  I look forward to having them add capacity to the school and how it runs. 
A final reminder that school will close for half term today, and will welcome students back on the 23rd of February 2015.
Thank you.