Accessibility and Disability Policy





Policy Title:


Accessibility and Disability Policy



Policy Reference:


AAT A&DP – Exp July 2019





For Information and Guidance/Statutory





Prospective Parents, Trustees, Governors, Executive Headteachers, Head, Teachers, Support Staff, as




Ownership/  Implementation:


The Trustees/LAB Governing Body (as required) have overall responsibility for ensuring that this policy is implemented








Approved by Trust Board:


July 2016



Next Date for Review:


April 2019




Accessibility and Disability Policy



Mission Statement

Our schools will try to ensure that the culture and ethos are such that whatever the abilities and needs of the pupils, everyone is equally valued and treated with respect. The whole school community should have the opportunity to experience, understand and value diversity.



Definition of a Disability

‘A person suffers a disability if he or she has a physical or mental impairment that has a substantial and long-term adverse affect on his or her ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.’


We will try to ensure that we do not treat disabled pupils less favourably.


We will take reasonable steps to avoid putting disabled pupils at a substantial disadvantage, (the ‘reasonable adjustment’ duty).



Aims and Objectives

We aim to include all pupils in the full life of our schools through having high expectations, a broad and balanced curriculum, after school activities where appropriate, school trips etc.


Raise awareness of disability amongst the school community and plan to include all pupils in our work.


Communicate in a manner using a method that means all pupils will access the curriculum as far as possible.


Our schools vary in age and therefore accessibility, however where possible ramps and access points etc are in place to ensure accessibility. ICT equipment, screens etc are considered to improve the ability for disabled access and use.


Through planning we provide as broad and balanced curriculum as possible. This involves the Teaching and Learning Policy, classroom organisation and support, deployment of staff, information and training.


We will endeavour to find as many ways as possible to successfully pass information to pupils, whether it is written, auditory, pictorial etc. We will also use technology to assist in this matter, training and the expertise of specialists where appropriate.


The policy will be reviewed and updated as and when required.